Sculpture Care


Caring for your Sculpture 


Metal sculptures may have sharp points and edges - recycled metal is used.

All our metal sculptures finished with Woodoc 50 to give them protection from all weathers; they can also be used indoors for interior design.

To maintain the original look:

Wipe and brush off any accumulated dust and dirt from the sculpture. All our sculptures have been finished with Woodoc 50 which protects from the weather and has excellent gloss retention. You can find it in the UK from Woodoc Europe either direct or from one of their stockists. It can be applied by spray or brush. Distribute a generous coating over the entire sculpture once a year to inhibit rust from developing.

Note - please spray the metal sculptures outside in a well ventilated area.

To maintain a natural look:
As with most metal sculptures, if left outside year round, the sculpture will slowly rust as the initial protective coating of Woodoc 50 wears off. To allow rusting will clearly shorten the life of the sculpture. 

To maintain natural patination:
Leave the sculpture outside and let it reach the desired level of patination. To lock in the natural colouring and texture, treat the sculpture with Woodoc 50. This will slow down the further rusting of the sculpture.